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Volume 1, Issue 1, November/December 2010
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Cognitive Impairment among Residents of Elderly Homes In Cairo, Egypt
Hala S Sweed; MD, Amal E Elawam; MD.

Cognitive Function in Egyptian Elderly with Chronic Kidney Diseases
Moatassem S. Amer, Hany A. Refaat, Manar M. Adel, Shereen M.Mousa
Marwa M. Kenawey

Spot light on Alzheimer's disease in the north of Lebanon
M. Khaled, A. Saddik, D. Safadi, A. Saleh, O. Amin

Psychometric validity and reliability of the Arabic version of the Patient-Doctor Relationship Questionnaire (PDRQ): Are patients satisfied with their psychiatrist?
Abdulbari Bener, Suhaila Ghuloum


Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2011

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Reliability of the Arabic version of the Young Schema Questionnaire - Short Form among orphanage residents
Mohamed Khater, Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Mona El-Belsha, Azza Abdel-Moneim

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.21019

Psychometric Properties of Brief Illness Perception Questionnaire in Pacemaker Patients
Mahnaz Rakhshan, Parkhideh Hassani, Tahereh Ashktorab, Hamid Alavi Majd
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.21020

Is cognitive Executive function distinguishing schizophrenia from Bipolar Disorder?
Mohammad Reza Khodaee, Anahita khodabakhshi Koolaee, Mohammad Kamran Derakhshan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.21021

Can a Psychological evidence base approach convince smokers to quit Smoking in the community?
Yousef Abdullah Al Turki

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.21022

Burden on Families and Attitudes of the Mentally Retarded: The Role of a Social Worker in Bangladesh: Perspective
Sheikh Kabir Uddin Haider
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.21023


Volume 2, Issue 2, August 2011
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Prevalence of the metabolic syndrome by five definitions, and its associations among consecutive admissions to an acute admission psychiatric care facility in an Arab setting
Reda Roshdy, Jude U Ohaeri, Salah A Eid, Abdullah M Al-Hammadi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22049

Psychological Relationship between Medical students and their Teachers
Yousef Abdullah Al Turki

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22050

Drink-Driving Among Commercial Drivers in a Nigerian Community
C.O. Omolase, O.T. Afolabi, B.O.Omolase, C.O. Ihemedu

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22051

Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Manage Insomnia among Patients with Cancer
Hassan A. Abdallah

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22052

Familial Suicides in India: An analysis
K.S Latha
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22053

Students' attitude of crack abuse side effects
Maryam Nooritajer, Arash Ravandi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22054

The silent feminine torture: 'Female genital mutilation'
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2011.22055

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2012
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Study of Cognitive and Executive Functions and their Relation with Coronary Risk Factors, Chlamydia pneumonia infection, Acute Inflammatory Factors and Carotid Blood Flow in Elderly Diabetics
Motassem S. Amer, Abdel Sattar E. El Deeb, Omar Hussein Omar, Randa R. Mabrouk, Sarah A. Hamza, Amira G. EL El Taliawi

Psychosocial characteristics and experience of discrimination and stigmatization among Spouses of HIV/AIDS Infected Husbands: A study from India
Latha, KS, Simi John

Analysis of the correlates of Autistic Disorder among children in three Arabic countries
Mostafa Amr, Dahoud Raddad

Prevalence of dementia and associated risk factors in a tertiary hospital in Saudi Arabia
Khalid Sallam, Mostafa Amr

Culturally Adapted Arabic Version of Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS-11-A): Validity and Reliability
Muhammad Fouad Abd-Al-Atty, Maha Mohamed El Gaafary

A personal view: The story of searching for Mr Good, challenges and opportunities for women (in the 21st century)
Ebtisam Elghblawi


Volume 3, Issue 2, March 2012
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The assessment of reliability and validity of Kohlman Evaluation of Living Skills (KELS) in Iranian schizophrenic patients
Leila Kazazi, Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee

The impact of shift work on mental health measured by GHQ-30: a comparative study
Yousef Jaradat, Rita Bast-Pettersen, Khaldoun Nijem, Espen Bjertness, Lars Lien, Petter Kristensen, )
Hein Stigum

Factors Leading To Stress Among Saudi Nurses
Badryah Al Shehri, Sohaila Al Shimemeri, Abdullrahem Al Aomry, Jehad Y.Saleh

The Need to Rule out Thyroid Dysfunction in Anxiety Disorders
Tejaswini Subbannayyaa, Latha K Subbannayyab, Shobha U Kamathc, Asha Kamathd

Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2012
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Body mass index and antisocial personality disorder
Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Mustafa Ari, Mehmet Gundogdu

Relationship of Age and Gender to "Diabetes Distress" and Postprandial Hyperglycemia: Impact of a Multidisciplinary Supportive, Dietary, and Pharmacologic Approach
Sayed Aamir, Sallie Areford, Matthew Hix, Ali Rizvi

The use of Mini Mental State Examination and Clock-drawing Test for screening of patients with Dementia
Khaled Sallam, Mostafa Amr

Relationship of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Thyroid Functions among Injured Kuwaiti First Gulf War Veterans
Abdullah M Al-Hammadi, Alexander C McFarlane, Jude U Ohaeri


Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2012
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Effect of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) on Depression among Schizophrenic Patients with low self esteem
Warda E. Ibrahim, Mona A. El-Bilsha, Samia M.Abeldayem

Neuropsychiatric Manifestations among patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Khaled Sallam, Mostafa Amr, Mounir Serag El- Din

Cultural and Religious Impacts on Subfertile Couples in Jordan
Fatima Ali Quran

Domestic Violence against women in a sample from Baghdad
Lamia Dhia AlDeen, Najlaa Fawzi Jamil, Azahar Asmail Jasam

Prevalence and predictors of maladaptive cognitive schema among orphans in Dakahlia governorate orphanages, Egypt
Azza Ibrahim, Mona A. El-Bilsha, Abdel-Hady El-Gilany, Mohamed Khater


Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2013
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Working and Non-working Women in Iran: A Socio-demographic Study of Quality of Life
Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.41179

Effect of activity therapy on the Activity of daily living among schizophrenic patients
Mona A. El-Bilsha
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.41180

Burden, resilience, and happiness in family caregivers of spinal cord injured patients
Seyyed Abolfazl Vagharseyyedin, Zahra Molazem
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.41181

Fear of intimacy and attachment styles in women who apply for divorce
Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee, Arezoo Ahangher, Hoda Ashrafi Khozani, Mansoor Ali Hammedy
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.41182

Unilateral blindness in a-33-year old man following assault by a roaming mentally ill man
Abdulkabir Ayansiji Ayanniyi, Kehinde Fasasi Monsudi

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.41183


Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2013
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Scientistic attitude and the perceptions of a group of young Iranian women on social justice and ways of resolving cultural conflicts
Mansoor A. Hameedy , Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.42288

Epilepsy, Antiepileptic Drugs and Depression: A Triangle of Danger for Sexual and Reproductive Functions in Females
Khalid Sallam, Mahmoud Abosrie, Abd Al-Nasir Murad, Mostafa Am
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.42289

Unconsummated marriage and its Etiological factors: A Case series
Latha, K.S., Sahana, M, Bhat, SM, Haridas, K
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.42290

Senior Libyan doctors and power: use and abuse
Ebtisam Elghblawi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.42291


Volume 4, Issue 3, November 2013
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Validity and Reliability of Persian version of WASSP test for adults with stutter
Morteza Farazi, Laiya Gholami tehrani, Anahita Khodabakhshi koolaee, Hashem Shemshadi, Mehdi Rahgozar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.43315

Association between social support of family and friends and meaning of life with Depression among spinal cord injuries disabilities and non-disabilities
Marzieh Imani, Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolae, Masoumeh Rahmatizadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.43316

Analysis of Internet addiction and its relation to metacognitive beliefs among university students
Leili Mosalanejad, Mohamed Amin Ghobadifar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2013.43317


Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2014
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The psychological effects of having a child with a speech disorder
Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee, Hajar Baghersad, Masoumeh Rahmatizadeh

DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92514

Quality of Life of Divorced Women in Tehran: A Socio-economic and Psychological Appraisal
Mohammad Taghi Sheykhi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92515

Analysis of Internet addiction and its relation to metacognitive beliefs among university students
Leili Mosalanejad, Mohamed Amin Ghobadifar
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92516

The comparison between perceived body image and sexual assertiveness in athletic and non-athletic married women
Anahita khodabakhshi Koolaee, Hamid Rastak, Ebrahim Nemati,Masoumeh Rahmatizadeh
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92517


Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2014
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Does Vitamin D Have an Effect on Patients With Depression?
Mohammed Ahmad Al-ma’ani, Mohammed Abdel Qader Al-ma`ani
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92519

Argumentative Paper: Physical Restraint
Asem A. A. Abdalrahim, Majd T. Mrayyan
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92520

Comparing hope and meaning of life with depression between epileptic patients and non-epileptic patients
Anahita Khodabakhshi koolaee, Mohammad Reza Falsafinejad, Fatemeh Mosttaffaee
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92521

Effects of video games on social interaction among elementary school girls
Anahita Khodabakhshi koolaee, Shahnaz Ghasemian, Mansour Abdi
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92522


Volume 5, Issue 3, September 2014
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Health-Related Quality of Life in Transfusion-Dependent Thalassemia Major Patients and Associated Factors in Dubai, UAE, 2011
Salama H, Hussein H, Al Faisal W, Belhool K, Hasan Mahdy N, El Sawaf E, Wasfy A
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92525

Determinants and Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms in Secondary School Students in Dubai
Ali S, Al Faisal W, Hasan Mahdy N, Hussein H, El Sawaf E, Wasfy A
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92526

Intimate Partner Violence against Women in Dubai: Prevalence, Associated Factors and Health Consequences, 2012-2013
Al Serkal F, Hussein H, El Sawaf E, Al Faisal W, Hasan Mahdy N, Wasfy A
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92527

Effects of progressive muscle relaxation on anxiety among patients with schizophrenia: an evidence based review
Mohammed A.M. Al-ma`ani, Asem A. A. Abdalrahim
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92528

Mother-Child relationship and burden in families of children with mental retardation
Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee, Sahar Khazan, Davood Tagvaee
DOI: 10.5742/MEJPA.2014.92529


Volume 6, Issue 1, March 2015
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Prevalence and Risk Factors of Violence among Preparatory and Secondary School Students in Dubai
Alshareef N, Hussein H, Al Faisal W, El Sawaf E, Wasfy A, AlBehandy NS, Altheeb AAS

Suicidal Ideation among Patients Suffering Depression
Mohammed A. Al-ma`ani

Depression in Australia
Hassan Nur Ayyoub

Eman Salem Al-Awabdeh


Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2015

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Alzheimer’s and Geriatrics in the Middle East
Abdulrazak Abyad

Restraint Use in Psychiatric Settings: An Argumentative Essay
Rami Sami ELshalabi

Arguments of Legal and Ethical Use of Seclusion Among Psychiatric Inpatients
Anas Husam Khalifeh

Seclusion among Psychiatric Inpatients: A Legal and Ethical Perspective
Mohammed A. Al-ma`ani

The Use of Seclusion for Psychiatric Inpatients: Legal and Ethical Argumentation
Wasim Mustafa Hamdan, Majd T. Mrayyan


Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2016

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Physical co-morbidities among patients with Dementia at a tertiary care Hospital in Oman : A Cross Sectional Study
Azza Al Hinai, Roshe Rashid, Hamed Al Sinawi, Ammar Al Obaidy

Effectiveness of emotional intelligence on assertiveness and self-esteem in high school girl students
Anahita Khodabakhshi Koolaee, Zeynab Yaghobee, Mohammad Reza Falsafinejad,
Masoumeh Rahmatizadeh


Reflection on Alzheimer’s Care in the Middle East
A. Abyad, Sonia Ouali Hammami

Psychiatric analysis of suicide completers in Mansoura city
El-Hassanian M. Mahmoud, Ekramy M. Elmorsy, Mohamed Shahda, Shireen A. Hassan,
Mostafa Amr


Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2016

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DOI 10.5742/ MEPA.2016.92885

Predictors of duration of admission following an act of deliberate self-harm , a cross section study from Oman
Muna Al Salmi, Zakiya Al-Difai, Hamed Al Sinawi, Amal al Fahdi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEPA.2016.92886

We should learn to listen and act before we watch in sorrow
Mohsen Rezaeian
DOI: 10.5742/ MEPA.2016.92887

Steroid induced psychosis: a case report
Amal al Fahdi, Dr. Muna Al Salmi
DOI: 10.5742/ MEPA.2016.92888

Qui desiderat pacem praeparet bellum. Let he who desires peace prepare for war
Omar Abyad

DOI: 10.5742/ MEPA.2016.92889


June 2017 - Volume 8 Issue 1

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Consequences of Respridone and Olanzapine on salivary IgA and some electrolytes levels in psychotic patientsRojan Hamed Mohamed, Othman. A. Omar, Kawa F. Dizaye
DOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2017.93003

Mental Health Issues in the Middle East - An Overview
Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2017.93004

Alzheimer’s in the Middle East - the Future
Abdulrazak Abyad
DOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2017.93005

Mehmet Rami Helvaci, Orhan Ayyildiz, Orhan Ekrem Muftuoglu, Mustafa Yaprak, Abdulrazak Abyad, Lesley Pocock
DOI: 10.5

CME CASE 1 - Jonah
DOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2017.93007

Volume 9, Issue 1, September 2018

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Original Contribution

Psychometric Properties of the Arabic Version of Yale Global Tic Severity Scale (YGTSS)
Mohamed Zoromba, Amr Essa, Abdel-Hady El-GilanyDOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2018.93497

The Effect of “Talk It Out” on Six Graders’ Beliefs about Aggression and AlternativesLama BendakDOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2018.93496Review Article

Gender Gap Narrowing in Iran: A Sociological Appraisal of Education
Mohammad Taghi SheykhiDOI: 10.5742/MEPA.2018.93498